COVID-19 | 28 November, 2022
  • Inbound exchange operates as usual. We continue to welcome international students from our partner universities.
  • Outbound exchange operates as usual, subject to conditions laid down by GEO and their respective host universities.
  • Summer Programmes 2023 (for CityU students) will run as usual with details published on our website on 20 January 2023. Follow our Instagram now for latest updates.
Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
  • To promote the Student Exchange Programme.
  • To help the newly selected FB outgoing exchange students for 2008-2009 and potential applicants for Semester B 2008-2009 to have a better understanding of different partner universities and countries.
  • To enhance interaction and sharing between the international and local students.

The theme of "Exchange Dreams Come True" is in support of CityU's drive towards Internationalisation. The event aims to provide a platform for interaction between incoming, outgoing and returned exchange students. Useful information will be provided in multiple forms, relating to all aspects of life and study overseas, such as, education and learning styles, history and culture, exploring and travelling.

At these booths hosted by incoming and returned exchange students, will be a valuable learning opportunity for international and local students to cooperate and enhance interaction between each other.

Each newly selected FB outgoing exchange student for 2008-2009 is required to select one incoming student and one returned student as their learning partner "buddies". The criteria of these buddies are that they must come from and/or have returned from the host university or country that the newly selected outgoing student will study in next academic year.

To promote the theme of "Exchange Dreams Come True", three exchange students will be invited to present their experiences of exchange study.