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  • Inbound exchange operates as usual. We continue to welcome international students from our partner universities.
  • Outbound exchange operates as usual, subject to conditions laid down by GEO and their respective host universities.
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Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
The World's Local Festival 2009
The goal of the exchange programme is to provide a network for local students in CB to broaden their horizon and expand their scope of life through interacting and sharing with the international students so that they can be benefited from the diversity in CityU.

The Exchange Student Club (ESC), established in 2003, is a society organized by returned exchange students of CB. ESC acts as a bridge for exchange and local students, and creates an international and harmonious learning environment through organizing various kinds of activities or forums. Local students can gain an in-depth understanding of different cultures and incoming exchange students can also be benefited from making more friends in school through a two-way interaction.

Aims and Objective
"The World's Local Festival" is a global event for students of CityU to experience local festivals and cultures around the world. It aims at promoting the Internationalisation and friendships between students from different countries at CityU. The incoming exchange students will cooperate with our local Hong Kong students to deliver a warm welcome and promote their own university and culture to all students in CityU. It will be a good chance for participants to get a taste of global experience in this era of globalization.
  1. To act as a bridge between the local and incoming exchange students for interaction
  2. To provide opportunities for students to experience different cultures of foreign countries
  3. To enhance cultural exchange between local and foreign students
  4. To enhance the experience of university life to both local and incoming exchange students
  5. To encourage more CityU students to go for exchange and create their own exchange story
Exchange students from different countries will be responsible for holding a booth in group to showcase especial features of a unique festival from their original country. Accordingly, visitors, who are mostly students of CityU, will have a precise chance to get known to other countries' cultures and practices of their festivals. Through the interaction of local and exchange students, there will be an exchange of culture and relationship building. Eventually, the purpose of promoting Internationalisation in CityU can be achieved.

Participants from different countries will show audiences their distinguished cultural features, costume, arts, or activities. For examples, Folk Music and tradition dance.