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City Expo 2010

City Expo 2010

"To promote Internationalisation, an important factor to succeed in today’s business world, and to raise the awareness of the Student Exchange Programme, an international event is held every year on campus.  “City Expo 2010”, the title of this year’s event, was organized to spread these messages.


  1. Provide a platform for all participants to experience different lives and cultures all over the world so as to gain better understanding and appreciation of various cultures.
  2. Provide an opportunity for CB students to interact with international exchange students in order to strengthen their communication skills.
  3. Encourage CB students to join the Student Exchange Programme to enrich their personal and professional lives.
  4. Raise the awareness of Shanghai Expo 2010.

Event Highlights


There were 13 booths in the event. Each booth represented one country/city. These countries included Australia, Singapore, China, Korea, Spain, Austria and Croatia, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, UK, Canada, USA and Hong Kong. The reception and enquiry counter was set up at the Hong Kong booth. The inbound exchange students were responsible for their country’s booth. They used photos and drawings to decorate their display boards in order to showcase the country’s facts, life and culture such as its location, accommodation, food, climate and most importantly, information about the partner universities from that country.

Apart from display boards, traditional food or snack and games were available at the booths.  

This year, 3 prizes were presented to the winners of the Best Country Booth Award at the closing ceremony of the event. The winners were USA, Canada and Australia chosen by the guests and visitors.


Cultural Competition Game: Flip Cup Tournament

Outbound and inbound exchange students formed teams to participate this tournament. There were totally 7 teams. Each team had 4 members. The prize, Easter eggs, was awarded to the USA team who won the final round.


Stage Performances

Returned exchange students and performers shared their experience and talents on stage to audiences.


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