Cool head, warm heart

The Department of Accountancy has developed a series of Knowledge Transfer Social Enterprise Consultancy Projects, highlighting the increasing student interest in giving back to the community. BBA students serve NGOs and social enterprises by applying their accounting knowledge under the supervision of a senior NGO management consultant.

"The consultancy projects provide a unique extra-curricular opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, to consolidate their knowledge in accounting, finance and business management, and to serve the community," said Dr Sidney Leung, Associate Professor at the Department of Accountancy. "It also fits our departmental philosophy of ideal accounting students, 'cool head and warm heart'."

During the last couple of years, teams have participated in various projects including a community services centre, social enterprise restaurants, an online social enterprise platform, and a career planning social enterprise.

Feedback from students has been very positive.

"Our project worked with authentic financial data from St. James' Settlement Education Centre," said Sandra Ip Lok-lam. "In addition to site visits and interviews, we did analysis and came up with a set of practical recommendations to improve their operating efficiency and financial performance."

Also working at St. James', Joanna Deng Mingming said, "This was a valuable opportunity for me to think beyond figures and to apply accounting knowledge to real business practice."

Such reflections are proof of CB students' sustained interest in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Department of Accountancy looks forward to continuing to provide varied learning experiences to its students, rooted in real-world practice, and ready to serve the wider needs of society.