School Outreach Programme

Edmund Ho (front row second left) at La Salle College

The College has a vision to reach out to the community to help secondary school students prepare for university study. CB launched its first School Outreach Programme in 2016, appointing student ambassadors to visit their alma maters. Apart from sharing their experience of university life, the ambassadors also gave advice on programme selection, internship and exchange study, etc.

More than 100 ambassadors joined the School Outreach Programme from different disciplines. The programme offers them the opportunity to develop their public speaking and communication skills. The student ambassadors have visited 73 secondary schools and shared their learning experiences with junior students on various occasions including school assemblies, information sessions, lunch time sharing sessions, sports days, graduation ceremonies, school anniversaries, Christmas parties, and dialogue sessions, etc.

"The School Outreach Programme in the College of Business is one of our key initiatives in developing our students' skills to serve the community. The student ambassadors are devoted to helping students from their alma maters and act as role models of university students," said Dr Weiquan Wang, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programmes).

Asked which part of university life secondary school students valued most, Edmund Ho Wing-chun, BBA in Accountancy, ambassador to La Salle College said: "It must be exchange. Global experience and exposure is the most important element in forming the ideal university life — since global perspectives are always useful when you get into society and also for the sake of your own intellectual development."

The point was echoed by Anson Mak Chun-him, BBA in Global Business Systems Management, ambassador to Raimondi College: "The students expect a unique, horizon-widening journey, all of them are looking forward to going on a study exchange as they think studying in Hong Kong is very stressful and they have had enough with that. They want something new, they want to feel the difference between university and secondary school."

Teachers and students at St. Mary's Canossian College

Iris Ho Tsai-ying, BBA in Finance, who visited St. Mary's Canossian College commented: "Students want to gain different types of experiences during their university life. They also have a dream of doing internships and having different part-time work experiences during their university life so that they will be able to get a dream job in the future and a prosperous career path."

The ambassadors have received training in presentation, communication and social skills. Renowned actress and TV host Ms Astrid Chan and media veteran Ms Akina Fong taught the students the skills to give public talks, and to present themselves professionally. The ambassadors were also given training sessions by the six Departments in the College, to understand the unique features of the different CB programmes.