Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong
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Sales and Marketing Consulting Unit
Sales and Marketing Consulting Unit

The Sales and Marketing Consulting Unit (SMCU) is an integrated platform for high-quality research and knowledge transfer in the field of sales and marketing. As part of the global network of Sales & Marketing Strategy Institute (SAMS), SMCU leverages the research expertise of sales and marketing scholars to provide solutions to business problems and enhance business performance.


The Sales and Marketing Consulting Unit (SMCU) aims to become a platform to foster the collaboration between scholars and industry leaders through research initiatives, executive education, and consulting services. The SMCU is an innovation hub for applied sales and marketing research, where scholars closely collaborate with professionals to discuss the current state-of-the art in sales and marketing strategies and provide cutting-edge solutions.


To offer businesses the opportunity to join forces with scholars in the field of marketing to work on research initiatives, collaborative research projects, business solutions, but also have access to executive trainings on marketing topics.

Launched by the Department of Marketing of the City University of Hong Kong in 2021, the SMCU is a unique avenue for both global and local businesses across different sectors to leverage on researchers’ expertise and for academics to work on real business problems concerning Chinese and Asian markets.

The SMCU also provides exchange opportunities such as the annual Marketing Exchange Forum, conferences, seminar series, reports, and networking events to bridge the world of business and academia.