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Unlock the full data potential

Analytics is becoming increasingly important to business success. To create the right strategy, design the right product, and deliver the right service all analytics need to be empowered by insights. Companies derive valuable insights into their customers, operations and marketing through analytics. Imagine an e-tailer who needs to deliver parcels as required by its customers in specified time windows. Failing that would mean unhappy and possibly lost customers. Solving the problem at the scale of hundreds of thousands of customers with hundreds of delivery staff in a city is a very challenging task. We have accumulated a very solid and comprehensive knowledge database about the behaviour of consumers and decision makers, financial systems, and market dynamics. Such understanding should play a guiding role in exercising analytics, and needs to be incorporated into the analytics process. In this way, the full potential of data can be unlocked. Neglecting this can lead to undesirable consequences.

Case study 1 - Optimizing Tmall Supermarket
Case study 2 - There are better revenue models than auction

Download the case studies 1 and 2