Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
Internship Programme

The Department of Marketing promises education and trainings to students that keep up with and stay ahead of market trends. In this digital age, students under the programme are equipped with skills in analyzing and understanding target market segments with the utilization of various digital tools and are prepared as sensitive to current trends in the market with the aim of providing precise, effective, and innovative marketing strategies for businesses.

We strongly encourage our students to seek and develop more Internship Opportunities to enrich their learning experience and enhance their understanding of the careers they are interested in. Participating in internship programs is a great way to acquire work experience and develop professional contacts before graduation.

Categories of Internships

Credit-bearing Internships

Credit bearing internships allow students to earn credits that count as academic coursework. These internships need to be strongly related to the student’s area of study (i.e. Marketing). It generally involved student intern’s supervisor(s) filing an evaluation of the student intern’s work attitude, learning ability, and achievement (if any) in the internship.

Course Code Course Name Period Duration (minimum)
MKT 3638 Marketing Internship Early June to mid/late August 6-week Full time
Note: The internship must be programme-related and approved by the programme leader

Non-credit-bearing Internships

Students do not earn university credit for the internship. They are encouraged to take on multiple internships as non-credit bearing internship to gain essential skills for future career. The non-credit bearing internships are recognized and will be shown in students’ academic transcript as a proven record of their internship experience in the study period.

Course Code Course Name Period Duration (minimum)
MKT 1671 Internship I Semester A, B or Summer 2-week full time or 75 hours part-time
MKT 2672 Internship II Semester A, B or Summer 4-week full time or 150 hours part-time
MKT 3673 Internship III Semester A, B or Summer 6-week full time or 225 hours part-time
Note: The internship must be programme-related.

Internship Inquiry

Program Leader: Dr. Vincent FOK
Tel: +852 3442 7973
Internship Coordinator: Dr. Raine NG
Tel: +852 3442 5834