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Chapter Honoree Award 2008/2009

Dr. LIU Changle is the chairman and chief executive officer of Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited. Dr. LIU was graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in the early 1980s and joined China Central People's Radio Station, with which he has held over the years the positions of reporter, editor, news commentator and senior management, and participated in the reporting and commentary of a number of important national occasions and events.

Dr. LIU's PRC domestic and overseas investments include broadcasting, petroleum, infrastructure construction, real estate development, trading and cultural businesses.

Dr. LIU gained widespread accreditations from local and overseas for his enthusiasm and achievement in the media industry. In the January 2000 issue of the "Voices of China" monthly magazine, Dr. LIU was selected as one of the top ten personalities of the "Voices of China 1999".

Dr. LIU received the Robert Mundell Successful World CEO Award, an award named after the Nobel Prize winning economist, Professor Robert Mundell, "Father of Euro", by "leaders of the global Chinese television program providers" in May 2004.

Dr. LIU Changle was also appointed as Justice of the Peace by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in July 2004.