CityU Exchange Fair 2018

22 Oct 2018
Events and Seminars

To promote internationalisation and culture integration in the campus, College of Business and its Exchange Student Club organised the Exchange Fair on 19 October. The event has been organised annually since 2006 and is one of the selected student-initiated projects supported by the University.

16 booths were set up by the inbound exchange students to showcase their homeland’s unique culture, with support from students returned from exchange. All CityU students were welcome to play traditional games or enjoy some special local snacks and drinks at the fair to taste the different culture of various places around the globe. Hundreds of guests and students attended the event.

Bob van der Louw, inbound exchange student from Netherlands who visited Asia for the first time said, “I am happy to introduce to my new friends in CityU the unique culture of my home country, and at the same time get a glimpse of various cultures in the fair.” He was amazed by the massive development in Hong Kong with skyscrapers all around the City.

Through the Student Exchange Programme, the College aims to create a multi-cultural and vibrant learning environment on campus.