CB co-organised online programme with Vienna University of Economics and Business

7 Jun 2021
Executive Education

29 students from the Professional MBA Programme in Mobility Management of the WU Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Business and Economics, participated in the online module titled “Technology Trends and Implications in Mobility Management in China” from 1 to 4 June 2021. The College of Business Executive Education unit was a co-organiser of the programme.

Professor David Li

With an aim to offer insights into the latest innovation strategies and technology trends, the programme featured a range of learning activities including seminars, case studies, startup meetings and group presentations, of which two of the seminars were organised by the College’s Executive Education unit via the Zoom platform. Professor David Li, Head of Department of Marketing, taught on the latest development of automobile industry in China, whereas Mr. Laurence Chan, Founder of Hong Kong EV Power, shared insights on the electric vehicle market in China.

Mr. Laurence Chan

The Vienna University of Business and Economics also arranged other learning activities including talk from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, as well as sharing sessions by world-leading automotive and mobility companies.

About the WU Executive Academy

The WU Executive Academy is the business school of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in Austria.

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