CB awarded greatest number of GRF and ECS projects in the Business Studies panel

5 Jul 2021
College News

The Research Grants Committee (RGC) released the 2021/22 results of General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) on 30 June, awarding funding to 36 projects led by researchers at the College of Business.

The College received 35 grants in the Business Studies panel, including 26 GRFs and 9 ECSs. This number is the highest among the eight UGC-funded institutions.
The GRF aims to supplement universities’ own research support to researchers who have achieved or have the potential to achieve excellence while the ECS is intended to nurture junior academics and to prepare them for a career in education and research.

Professor Frank Chen, Dean of College of Business, said, “The encouraging results are testimony to the College’s effort in conducting interesting, insightful and impactful research projects of the highest quality. GRF and ECS success is one of the key performance indicators for research. I must thank my colleagues for their hard work and dedication to research excellence.”


List of the funded projects

Principal Investigator Dept Project Title
Dr LU, Jinzhi AC Short-selling, discretionary accruals, and earnings management
Dr SUN, Stephen Teng AC Auditor Labor Market Mobility Constraints and Audit Outcomes: Evidence from Enforceability of Non-Compete Covenants
Dr WANG, Wenfeng AC Firms' Incentive to Meet Analyst Forecast and Hiring Decision: Evidence from Job Posting
Dr Zhu, Xindong AC PCAOB inspections and trade credit: International evidence
Dr CHOI, Hongseok EF Can Learning Reduce the Dark Matter in the Long-Run Risk Model?
Dr CUI, Liyuan EF Estimation and Inference of Large Dimensional Unobservable Dynamic Uncertainties
Dr DU, Jintao EF Does Money Really Talk: Heterogeneous Beliefs, Endogenous Wealth Distribution and Asset Pricing
Dr Han, Xu EF Shrinkage Estimation, Model Selection and Uniform Inference in Possibly Nonstationary SVARs with External Instruments
Dr HSHIEH, Shenje EF Long-Term R&D Impact of Human Capital Investments: An Examination of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr HUANG, Hanwei EF Trade, Migration, and Pandemics: the Effect of COVID-19 Containment Policies
Dr LI, Yunan EF The optimal selling mechanism in the takeover market
Dr LIU, Will Shuo EF Borrower Flexibility vs. Lender Protection: The Shadow Price of "Covenant-light"
Dr ROY, Nilanjan EF Dynamic Interactions, Information Transmission, and Asset Prices: Experiments
Dr WU, Di EF Inferring Expectation of Return in the Crash State with Option Data
Dr XU, Wenji EF Social Learning, Misperception, and Imperfect Information
Dr XU, Zhengyang EF Learning from Experience in the Foreign Exchange Market
Dr LU, Qinglian (Angela) IS IT Career under Market Contingency: Career Achievement, Firm Resilience, and Digital Entrepreneurship Post Market Crises
Dr XU, David Jingjun IS Do Job Applicants and HR Professionals Resist AI-Led Recruitment System, Why, and How to Mitigate? An Organizational Justice Perspective
Prof Wang, Weiquan IS App Innovation Strategies and Innovation Performance: A Perspective of Developer Brand Equity
Dr KIM, Kyoung Yong MGT All-or-None: The Curvilinear Effect of CEO Servant Leadership on Organizational Performance
Prof LU, Jane Wenzhen MGT Doing "Good" to Offset "Bad": The Moderating Role of Stakeholders
Dr DESPOTAKIS, Stylianos MKT The Effects of Microtargeting on Conversion Rates and the Role of Information Asymmetry
Dr Dong, Maggie Chuoyan MKT To Be Unified or Divergent? The Performance Implications of Information Variance Across Multiple E-Sellers Offering an Identical Product
Dr LI, Xi * MKT Price Nontransparency and Behavior-Based Pricing
Dr TAN, Yong-Chin MKT Examining the Impact of Product Leak Announcements on Online Buzz, Product Sales, and Firm Value
Dr ZHENG, Xu MKT When Multi-Unit Franchising Backfires: The Contingent Effects of Subgroup Configurations
Dr FENG, Guanhao MS Textual Analysis of Corporate Bond Market
Dr HE, Jingyu MS XBART: a novel tree-based machine learning framework for regression, classification and treatment effect estimation
Dr SUN, Zhankun MS Investigation of Fast-Track Routing Decisions and Its Impact in Hospital Emergency Departments
Dr TRIMBORN, Simon MS Network Structure Identification in Large-Scale Financial Systems
Dr WANG, Jianfu MS Information Technology and Routing Policies in Open-shop Healthcare Systems
Dr ZHOU, Zhixin ** MS Sparse Bipartite Graphs: Concentration, Regularization and Applications
Prof LIU, Guangwu MS Simulation methods for sensitivities of expectations with nested discontinuity
Prof LU, Ye MS An Approximation Scheme for a class of Operations Management Problem with an O(TK) Performance Bound
Prof Shum, Stephen Wan-Hang MS Supply Chain Management Under Consumer Panic Buying and Hoarding
Prof Yan, Houmin MS Stochastic and Dynamic Click-through and Sell-through Optimization: A Machine Learning and Optimal Control Approach


* Dr. Li left CityU on 1 July 2021.
** Dr. Zhou applied to the Engineering panel.