CB Virtual Business Career Fair attracts record numbers

23 Sep 2022
Career Development
Events and Seminars

The College of Business hosted the 2022 Virtual Business Career Fair on 16 September, with over 1,000 CityU students visiting virtual booths and mini-webinars to learn about internship and graduate job opportunities.

The 7th Annual Business Career Fair, organized by the College’s Business Career Development unit, attracted a record number of 55 companies, with 17 joining for the first time. The companies spanned multiple industry sectors, including S&P 500s, multinational companies, and other industry leaders.

Professor Kim Jeong Bon, Acting Dean of the College of Business, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the participating companies and recruiters for their contribution and dedication to the event. In his opening remarks, Professor Kim said “With the job market slowly recovering after the pandemic, the College of Business will strive to work hand-in-hand with companies to develop more young talents for the job market; and to nurture our students with innovative skills by work-integrated education, collaborative projects, HK Tech 300 and the Tech Tiger Programme.” Professor Kim also mentioned that CityU business students can be easily distinguished from others as they are educated not only with a cool head for analytical skills, but also a warm heart so they can understand others’ concerns, emotions, value systems, diverse cultures, and different ways of thinking. The College of Business continues to offer students a number of exchange and internship programmes, many of which provide opportunities for active and compassionate societal interventions locally, regionally and around the world.

In his welcome speech, Professor Albert Ip, Chairman of the Business Career Development Advisory Committee, encouraged students to keep learning and said, “This pandemic has caused an unexpected economic downturn globally. Notwithstanding a more difficult employment situation, students should seize every opportunity to prepare themselves for the post-pandemic job market. Whether you are targeting internships or graduate positions, you will need to act quickly, be confident, ready to speak at any occasion and be active in developing your own career network. With over 30 years of Banking experience and 5 years in Hospitality, my motto is “Keep Networking, Stay Motivated and Keep an Open Mind Trying New Ventures.” Professor Ip also expressed his gratitude to the participating companies for their trust in and support for CityU students.

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