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19 Oct 2022
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A group of 16 students from the BBA Marketing and MSC Marketing visited Ltd. on 12 Oct 2022.

The visit was designed to give an overview of all aspects of the operation including e-commerce logistics, content marketing, e-promotion, and the “B2B2C” business model. More detail was given of the job duties and requirements of the Creative, eCommerce, Editorial and Marketing divisions through the insightful sharing by the team including Mr Wilson Wong, Marketing Director; Mr Kakit Hui, Creative Director; Ms Evan Hung, Marketing Manager; Miss Maggie Mak, Senior Marketing Executive; and Mr Hang Lau, Associate Ecommerce Manager of Limited.

“Through connecting students with real marketers in the industry, the visit helped students gain first-hand experience about the operation and job responsibilities of the eCommerce industry,” said Dr Fanny Cheung, Career Co-ordinator of the Department of Marketing.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Sonia Chow Ka-hei (BBA MKT Year 3) said, “I learnt a lot from the inspiring sharing by the team. It was a valuable experience that allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the real-world trend in eCommerce business and tactics in content marketing. I am also grateful for the opportunity to learn about B2B communication skills. The visit was exciting and fruitful, and I enjoyed it a lot."

Luyan He (MSc MKT Year 1) said, "The visit was a unique opportunity for me to get a detailed picture of I gained insider knowledge about the business promotion method and the professional landscape. What impressed me most was its market & product."

Joemy Yuen Sze-ho (BBA MKT Year 4) said “Thank you for offering us the opportunity to visit the company and giving us a holistic view of the e-commerce market. The experience was precious as we could understand the company's business model more, and the sharing inspired us to equip ourselves for our future careers.