CityU Case Competition 2022/23 Kicks Off with Inspiring Opening Ceremony

25 Apr 2023
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The Business Proposal and Competition Club (BPCC) collaborated with Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (PAOB) to organise CityU Case Competition 2022/23. The Competition kicked off with an inspiring Opening Ceremony on 25 March 2023.

BPCC is a student-led body operated with the support and sponsorship of the College of Business and CityU, which aims to strengthen students’ competitiveness through business competition training and cooperates with renowned companies to hold an annual business competition at CityU. This year, the Club joined hands with PAOB, a leading financial technology company, to leverage young minds and innovation. 

CityU Case Competition 2022/23 Kicks Off with Inspiring Opening Ceremony

During the opening ceremony, representatives from CityU, PAOB and the BPCC delivered speeches highlighting the importance of innovation in the financial industry and the value of providing students with real-world experiences. Mr. Ivan Chow, Head of Strategy, Innovation and GBA Business of PAOB, gave a concise overview of the bank. Additionally, Mr. Victor Chan, Acting Head of Legal and Compliance of PAOB, illustrated the legal and compliance aspect with real-life examples. Finally, Dr. Michael Wong, EMBA Director and Associate Professor of Finance at CityU explained SME Finance in detail.

CityU Case Competition 2022/23 Kicks Off with Inspiring Opening Ceremony

"We are excited to host this competition in collaboration with Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and the Business Proposal and Competition Club," said Dr. Raymond Wong, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programmes). "This competition will provide our students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges in the financial industry, while also fostering innovation and creativity."

Up to 22 student teams attended the opening ceremony too. Aether Tam, a Year 2 student in BBA Information Management, shared her excitement for the competition, saying, "I love to explore new things, especially if they are useful and fun. When I learned about the valuable opportunity of joining the CityU Case Competition 2022/23, I couldn't resist the chance to flourish." She further added that the Opening Ceremony gave her a precious insider view of PAOB, understanding the new fintech trend in Hong Kong. She gained valuable insights into SMEs from the CB’s professors, which changed her mind about the landscape in the market. Aether also appreciated the training section arranged by the BPCC, which enlightened them on how to make the best proposal. After the Ceremony, she gained more confidence in the competition and wished to claim her victory.

Billy Chong, a Year 3 student from BBA Global Business, also shared his views, saying, "It is the first time I join the banking-related case competition as I want to broaden my horizon and gain deeper insights into the finance field. The expectation for me is to learn through working in real life and use the knowledge learned to equip myself better in the future career."

The Opening Ceremony proved to be an excellent opportunity for participants to gain valuable insights from industry experts and learn about the latest trends in the finance and technology industry. The participants left the Ceremony with newfound enthusiasm and determination to excel in the competition.

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