Professor Frank Chen, Chair Professor, Department of Management Sciences
Building a Quality-and-Efficiency Driven System Better care at affordable cost

Healthcare delivery worldwide has been fraught with high cost, low efficiency and poor quality of patient care service. Hong Kong is no exception, and the quality of service provided to patients has been far from exemplary. For instance, it is not uncommon that the waiting time for certain routine surgeries at public hospitals could be as long as 18 months. Further exacerbating the problem is an aging population. This project helps develop a quality-and-efficiency driven healthcare delivery system in Hong Kong that is built upon data analytics and compatible with the internet age. The research centres on hospital resource planning, and healthcare data analytics. Hong Kong’s healthcare delivery is addressed in the context of business services innovation, the focus on quality-and-efficiency driven strategies and systems-oriented solutions, and the emphasis on networked resources and human-centric characteristics in healthcare delivery.