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Dr. QU Baozhi


Adjunct Professor

Research Areas

Financial Economics
Corporate Finance and Governance
Institutions and Economic Development
Chinese Economy


PhD - Economics (University of Pittsburgh)
MA - Economics (Renmin University of China)
BA - Industrial Economics (Renmin University of China)


Dr. Baozhi Qu received his B.A. and M.A. from the Renmin University of China and Ph.D. in Economics from University of Pittsburgh, USA. He has taught at the City University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China and University of Pittsburgh. His current position is Deputy Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation, China Merchants Group. Dr. Qu's research interests are in the areas of financial economics and economic development with focus on the following fields: institutions, finance and trade; corporate governance; banking; and Chinese economy.


Journal Publications and Reviews

Ma, Yue; Qu, Baozhi; Zhang, Yifan / Complex Goods' Exports and Institutions: Empirics at the Firm Level. September 2012; In: Review of International Economics. Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 841-853

QU, Bao Zhi; SHEN, Hao; XU, Yumeng / China’s International Financial Center in 2020: Shanghai or Hong Kong?. June 2010; In: 金融發展評論. Vol. 6, pp. 82 - 87

Ma, Yue; Qu, Baozhi; Zhang, Yifan / Judicial quality, contract intensity and trade: Firm-level evidence from developing and transition countries. June 2010; In: Journal of Comparative Economics. Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 146-159

ZHANG, Jianhua; WANG, Peng; QU, Bao Zhi / Generalized Malmquist Productivity Index of Chinese Banks in the PRD and YRD Regions. 2010; In: 財料. Vol. 2, pp. 8 - 11

Conference Papers

CHAN, Kenneth S.; LU, Chia Hui; QU, Baozhi / The Silk Road: A Model of Luxury Goods Trade between Imperial China and Medieval Europe in the Tang and Song Dynasties. May 2009; CityU-CUHK Joint Symposium on Institutions, Finance and Economic Development, 24/05/2009 - 25/05/2009, , China.

CHAN, Kenneth S.; LU, Chia Hui; QU, Baozhi / The Silk Road: Luxury Goods Trade Between Imperial China and Medieval Europe in the Tang and Song Dynasties. March 2009; International Conference on Trade, Industrial and Regional Economics, 13/03/2009 - 14/03/2009, , Taiwan.

Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

Zhang, Jianhua; QU, Bao Zhi; Wang, Peng / A study on bank efficiency in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions of China. June 2010; Proceedings of the 2010 International Forum on Metropolitan Regions Development. pp. 108-121

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