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Dr. MA Ding


Visiting Assistant Professor

10-245, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34425408
+852 34420346


PhD - Management Science and Engineering (Stanford University)
MS - Statistics (Stanford University)
MS - Financial Engineering (New York University)
BS - Electrical Engineering (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)


Ding Ma is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at College of Business, City University of Hong Kong. She received her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical and Technology, her first master's degree in Financial Engineering from New York University, her second master's degree in Statistics from Stanford University, and her PhD in Management Science and Engineering also from Stanford University. Her research interests include (1) Methodological: Structural Modeling, Optimization, Machine Learning; (2) Substantive: Branding, Social Media, Public Policy. 


Award TitleInstitution
Dantzig-Lieberman Operations Research FellowshipStanford University
Research Grant, Ford-Stanford AllianceStanford University
INFORMS Student Chapter Annual Award (Magna Cum Laude)INFORMS
Research Grant, National Institutes of Health (NIH)Stanford University
Enlight Foundation Engineering FellowshipStanford University
Graduate Center ScholarshipNew York University
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Teaching Areas

MS8953 -- Foundations of Management Science (PhD)

MKT8630 -- Marketing Modeling (PhD)

MKT4606A -- Strategic Marketing (Undergraduate)

MKT4606 -- Strategic Marketing (Undergraduate)

MKT5612 -- Applied Marketing Research (Master)

MKT3602 -- Marketing Research (Undergraduate)

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Journal Publications and Reviews

Thiele; Fleming, Ronan M. T.; Heirendt, Laurent; Arreckx; Pfau; Mendoza; Richelle; Heinken; Ma, Ding; Palsson / Creation and analysis of biochemical constraint-based models using the COBRA Toolbox v3. 0. March 2019; In: Nature Protocols. Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 639-702

Ma, Ding; Yang, Laurence; Fleming, Ronan M. T.; Thiele, Ines; Palsson, Bernhard O.; Saunders, Michael A. / Reliable and efficient solution of genome-scale models of Metabolism and macromolecular Expression. January 2017; In: Scientific Reports. Vol. 7

Yang, Laurence; Ma, Ding; Ebrahim, Ali; Lloyd, Colton J.; Saunders, Michael A.; Palsson, Bernhard O. / solveME: fast and reliable solution of nonlinear ME models. September 2016; In: BMC Bioinformatics. Vol. 17

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Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

Ma, Ding; Orban, Dominique; Saunders, Michael A. / A Julia Implementation of Algorithm NCL for Constrained Optimization. November 2021; Numerical Analysis and Optimization: NAO-V, Muscat, Oman, January 2020. Vol. 354, pp. 153-182

Zhang, Tongda; Qian, Jun; Sun, Xiao; Ma, Ding; Yuan, Ye / Live streaming shopping in China: An interpretation from the perspective of major market participants. October 2021; ICCSE '21: 5th International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering. pp. 150-154

Zhang, Tongda; Qian, Jun; Sun, Xiao; Ma, Ding; Yuan, Ye / The Evolution and value chain decomposition of Live Streaming Shopping. October 2021; ICCSE '21: 5th International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering. pp. 145-149

Zhang, Tongda; Qian, Jun; Sun, Xiao; Ma, Ding; Yuan, Ye / The Live Streaming Shopping: A New Industrial Ecology in China. October 2021; ICCSE '21: 5th International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering. pp. 140-144

Ma, Ding; Judd, Kenneth L.; Orban, Dominique; Saunders, Michael A. / Stabilized Optimization Via an NCL Algorithm. June 2018; Numerical Analysis and Optimization. pp. 173-191

Ma, Ding; Saunders, Michael A. / Solving Multiscale Linear Programs Using the Simplex Method in Quadruple Precision. 2015; Numerical Analysis and Optimization. pp. 223–235

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