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Dr. WONG Chak Sham Michael

Associate Professor

9-243, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34427248

Research Areas

Risk Management
Financial Institution Management
Capital Markets
Sustainable Finance


Certificate - Executive Coaching (University of Cambridge)
Certificate - Fintech (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Certificate - Venture Capital (University of California, Berkeley)
PhD - Finance (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
MA - Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex)
MPhil - Finance (University of Cambridge)


Dr. Michael C S Wong serves as EMBA Director and Associate Professor of Finance at City University of Hong Kong.  He specializes on international banking, risk management and financial markets. Dr. Wong architected the first Basel-standard internal ratings-based (IRB) system in Hong Kong in 2003-2005 and wealth management due diligence models after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. His risk management models are currently implemented by more than 25 regional and global financial institutions operating in Asia. Dr. Wong reviewed risk control and stress testing models for banking institutions, submitted independent risk assessment reports to company boards and regulators, and provided expert witness on legal disputes involving complex financial transactions. He served as a founding member of Global Association of Risk Professionals’ (GARP) FRM Committee, an examiner of professional examinations of both Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) and Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB), a member of Market Misconduct Tribunal in Hong Kong, a member of Task Force of Hong Kong Insurance Authority, and an advisor of the Investor and Financial Education Council. He obtained his postgraduate degrees in Finance and Data Analytics respectively from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Essex and University of Cambridge, and executive training at Berkeley, MIT and Cambridge.  Dr. Wong was a long-serving director of MSc programs in Finance, Banking and Financial Engineering (1998-2015) at CityU and was granted university-wide Teaching Excellence Award by the university in 1999.  His research, including his services to the financial industry, is selected by the university as a high-impact case for the UGC's Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2020).  In 2022, Dr. Wong serves as an editor of Sustainability on a special issue "Sustainable Finance and Risk Management".  He also serves as a judge panel member of CityU's HK Tech 300  in both seed and angel funding rounds.


Award TitleInstitution
UGC Research Impact Case (Economics and Finance) (2020)City University of Hong Kong
Nominee of UGC Teaching Award (2018) Nominated by City University of Hong Kong
Awarded the 8th among 52 teams (served as the team adviser of 6 postgraduate students) Rotman International Trading Competition (2014) at University of Toronto
Certificate of Achievement (with Floyd Newsum)FinCapDev Competition (2013) in San Francisco
Teaching Excellence AwardCity University of Hong Kong
Young Scholar Dissertation Award Chinese University of Hong Kong
Fellowship of Cambridge Commonwealth TrustUniversity of Cambridge
ECPR Scholarship for Essex Summer School in Social Science Data AnalysisUniversity of Essex
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Research Grants

co-PI: "A Generative Deep Learning Framework for Emotion-sensitive Robo-advisors in Personal Wealth Management", GRF (CityU 11507219) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: 608,242 (2020-2021), Raymond Y.K. Lau, Chunping Li, Michael C S Wong

co-PI: "基于大数据分析框架的在线信用评级关键技术研究 ", 国家自然科学基金 (NSFC) , Amount: RMB479,000 (2017-2020), Raymond Y.K. Lau, Michael C.S. Wong, W. Yue, C.M. Leung, C.H. Cheung, X. Xin

co-PI: "BigCredit: A Novel Framework for Big Social Media Data Enhanced Online Credit Scoring", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: HK$820,521 (2017-2019), Raymond Y.K. Lau, Michael C S Wong, Chunping Li

PI: "Hong Kong Fintech: Opportunities, Practices and Risk Issues", UGC Knowledge Transfer Earmarked Fund - City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HK$200,000 (2016-2017), Michael C S Wong, Raymond Y K Lau, Ray Cheung and Leon Zhao

PI: "Strengthening Python literacy of students for knowledge discovery and knowledge commercialization ", Teaching Development Grant - UGC and City University of Hong Kong , Amount: HK$179,800 (2014-2015), Michael C S Wong; Leon Zhou; Geoffrey Tso; Phisit Sucharitsopit

PI: "The Behavioral Economics of Online/Mobile Banking Security: an examination of status quo bias in IT security choice decision making ", Centre for Social Media Marketing and Business - City University of Hong Kong, Amount: 100,000 (2014-2015), Floyd Newsums; Chu-fang Chen; Michael C S Wong

PI: "Algorithmic Trading Research Group", Idea Incubator Scheme - City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HK$598,000 (2013-2015), Michael C S Wong; Jovan Cenev; Humphrey Tung; Antonie Chan

PI: "LOUD Money", DEC Mobile App Development Grants (MADGs) - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: HK$80,000 (2013-2014), Michael C S Wong, Floyd Newsum

PI: "Assessment of Risk Perception, Heuristic Biases, and Frame Dependence in an Online Environment", Idea Incubator Scheme - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: HK$150,000 (2012-2013), Michael C S Wong, Floyd Newsum

co-PI: "RiskMed: Collaborative Intelligence for Liquidity Risk Mediation", GRF - RGC Hong Kong , Amount: HK$800,000 (2010-2013), J. Leon Zhao, Akhil Kumar, Michael C S Wong, Daniel Zeng

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Journal Publications and Reviews

Wong, Michael / Business Innovation and Chief Innovation Officer (CINO). September 2020; In: ManageView . Vol. 2020, No. 2, pp. 14-16

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Conference Papers

Wong, Michael; YAP, Chin Yee / Social impact investing for marginalized communities in Hong Kong: cases and issues. April 2019; Management, Governance and Ethical Finance Conference 2019 (MGEF19), 10/04/2019 - 11/04/2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Kyophilavong, Phouphet; Sengsuvanh, V; WONG, Chak Sham Michael / Bank lending to the private sector: Implications from nonperforming Loans in Lao PDR. December 2017; 2017 International Conference on Financial Markets and Institutions: Asset Pricing, Risk Management and Corporate Governance, 15/12/2017 - 17/12/2017, Chengdu, China.

WONG, Chak Sham Michael / Credit Rating Services and OBOR Bond Market Development for Infrastructure Projects: Issues, Challenges and Possible Solutions. July 2017; 2017 Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Conference, 01/07/2017 - 02/07/2017, Chengdu, China.

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WONG, Chak Sham Michael / Human Resources Development for Banking and Finance: The case of MSc programs for Hong Kong bankers and regulators in 1992-2008. October 2016; International Conference in Celebration of 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of National University of Laos, 19/10/2016 - 19/10/2016, Vientaine, Lao People's Democratic Republic.

WONG, Chak Sham; Zhao, J. Leon; WU, Xiaoyu / Will Volcker Rule Mitigate Systemic Risk? Implications from System Dynamic Modeling. June 2014; Workshop on Internet and BigData Finance, 07/06/2014 - 07/06/2014, , China.

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WONG, Chak Sham Michael / Enterprise Risk Management: Scope and Cases. August 2009; Hong Kong Productivity Council Professional Seminar, 07/08/2009 - 07/08/2009, , China.

Working Papers

王澤森; 陳樂庭; 李建安 / 構建一帶一路新投融資模型. February 2019; pp. 1-6

Wong, Michael CS / Belt-Road Credit Rating Agency (BRCRA): Outlining a Roadmap. March 2018; Policy Paper.

Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

Wong, Michael Chak Sham; Mo, Phyllis Lai Lan; Li, Linda Chelan; Li, Kin On / Belt and Road Initiative Project Financing and Hong Kong. March 2023; Hong Kong Professional Services and the Belt and Road Initiative: Challenges for Co-evolving Sustainability. pp. 71-91

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Scholarly Books, Monographs, Reports and Case Studies

LAI, Chi Fai; TUNG, Kwong Kwai; WONG, Chak Sham Michael; Ng, Stephen / Professional Financial Computing Using Excel & VBA. June 2010;

Patents, Agreements and Assignments

CENEV, Jovan; CHAN, Antoni Bert; TUNG, Kwong Kwai Humphrey; WONG, Chak Sham Michael / System and Methods for Optimization of Stochastic Portfolio Mixtures. March 2015;

Other Outputs

王澤森 / 香港發展一帶一路信用評級的角色. February 2018; 發展一帶一路信用評級.

王澤森 / 中國信用評級的挑戰與解決方案. February 2018; 發展一帶一路信用評級.

王澤森 / 為何發展一帶一路的信用評級?. January 2018; 發展一帶一路信用評級.

WONG, Chak Sham Michael / Vientiane as an international banking center: Is it possible?. December 2016;

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