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Dr. ZHAO Huazhong


Associate Professor

10-238, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34429910
+852 34420346


PhD - Marketing (University of Florida)
MSc - Computer Science (Oxford University)
BEng - Computer Science (Tsinghua University)


Journal Publications and Reviews

Wang, Linlin; Lin, Ya; Jiang, Wan; Yang, Haibin; Zhao, Huazhong / Does CEO Emotion Matter? CEO Affectivity and Corporate Social Responsibility. November 2022; In: Strategic Management Journal.

Gao, Haibing; Kumar, Subodha; Tan, Yinliang (Ricky); Zhao, Huazhong / Socialize More, Pay Less: Randomized Field Experiments on Social Pricing. September 2022; In: Information Systems Research. Vol. 33, No. 3, pp. 935-953

Tan, Yinliang (Ricky); Xiong, Yan; Gao, Haibing; Li, Xi; Zhao, Huazhong / Less is More? The Strategic Role of Retailer’s Capacity. October 2021; In: Production and Operations Management. Vol. 30, No. 10, pp. 3354-3368

Gao, Haibing; Zhao, Huazhong; Tan, Yinliang (Ricky); Lin, Ya (Lisa); Wei, Lai / Social Promotion: A Creative Promotional Framework on Consumers’ Social Network Value. December 2020; In: Production and Operations Management. Vol. 29, No. 12, pp. 2661–2678

Wang, Qi; ZHAO, Huazhong; Xie, Jinhong / Intra-Standard Competition: The Joint Impact of an Installed-User Base and a Supporting-Firm Base in Markets with Network Effects. December 2016; In: Customer Needs and Solutions. Vol. 3, No. 3-4, pp. 159–174

Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

Li, Xi; Zhao, Huazhong / Digitalization and Omnichannel Retailing. September 2021; The Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management.

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