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Dr. RYOO Jun Hyun

Assistant Professor

10-222, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34427240
+852 34420346


Ph.D. - Business Administration, Marketing (The University of Western Ontario)
B.A. - Honors Business Administration (The University of Western Ontario)


Jun Hyun (Joseph) Ryoo is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at College of Business, City University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. in 2021, and B.A. in 2016, both from Ivey Business School, The University of Western Ontario. His research interests focus on addressing marketing problems involving unstructured data (e.g., texts, images) using econometric and machine learning methods. His previous research has appeared in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, and Customer Needs and Solutions.


Award TitleInstitution
Doctoral Fellow2019 AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium

Teaching Areas

MKT8633 (Ph.D.): Empirical Marketing Research

MKT6613 (M.Sc.): Brand Marketing


Journal Publications and Reviews

Wang, Xin (Shane); He, Jiaxiu; Curry, David J.; Ryoo, Jun Hyun (Joseph) / Attribute Embedding: Learning Hierarchical Representations of Product Attributes from Consumer Reviews. November 2022; In: Journal of Marketing. Vol. 86, No. 6, pp. 155-175

Wang, Xin (Shane); Ryoo, Jun Hyun (Joseph); Bendle, Neil; Kopalle, Praveen K. / The role of machine learning analytics and metrics in retailing research. December 2021; In: Journal of Retailing. Vol. 97, No. 4, pp. 658-675

Ryoo, Jun Hyun (Joseph); Wang, Xin (Shane); Lu, Shijie / Do Spoilers Really Spoil? Using Topic Modeling to Measure the Effect of Spoiler Reviews on Box Office Revenue. March 2021; In: Journal of Marketing. Vol. 85, No. 2, pp. 70-88

Borah, Abhishek; Wang, Xin (Shane); Ryoo, Jun Hyun (Joseph) / Understanding Influence of Marketing Thought on Practice: An Analysis of Business Journals using Textual and Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Analysis. December 2018; In: Customer Needs and Solutions. Vol. 5, No. 3-4, pp. 146–161

Jun Hyun Ryoo, Joseph; Bendle, Neil / Understanding the social media strategies of U.S. primary candidates. July 2017; In: Journal of Political Marketing. Vol. 16, No. 3-4, pp. 244-266