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Ms. TSANG Oi Sze Sally


Instructor I

7-244, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34428583
+852 34420189

Research Areas

Operations Research


MStat - Master of Statistics (The University of Hong Kong)
MSc - System Engineering & Engineering Management (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
BBA (Hons) - Quantitative Analysis for Business (City University of Hong Kong)

Teaching Areas

Business Statistics, Operations Research, SAS Programming and Statistical Computing

Research Grants

PI: "An Intelligent System with Progressive Guidance for Student Self-Learning", Teaching Development Grant - City University of Hong Kong, Amount: $100,000 (2005-2006), Sally Tsang, Josephine Lam, Stephen Leung, Rachel He, Terry Lo

Administrative Assignments

2019 - NowAlumni Relations OfficeDepartmental Alumni Coordinator
2016 - NowStudent Development CommitteeOrientation & Student Mentor Coordinator
2016 - NowBBA BDMS ProgrammeAssociate Programme Leader
2003 - NowExchange and Internship CommitteeCB3800 Representative
2003 - NowPeer-Assisted Supplemental Instruction SchemePALSI Coordinator
2013 - 2017Gateway Education ReviewGateway Education Programme Committee
2013 - 2017BBA Management ScienceProgramme Leader
2006 - 2017MS Student Personal Development SchemeYear 1 Tutor
2005 - 2015Experienced Learning Initiative towards Excellence Team (ELITE)Member
2003 - 2015Career and Student Development CommitteeMember
2001 - 2011Student Mentor CoordinatorCoordinator
3/2007Spring Gathering for Parents of First Year StudentsDepartmental Representative
2004 - 2007MS Student HandbookDesigner & Editor
2004 - 2007FB2700 Pathway to Leadership CourseTutor
2003 - 2007FB3800 Business Practice InternshipDepartmental Representative
2003 - 2006MS Summer Jobs/Internship ProgrammeCoordinator
2004 - 2005FB2200 Management Sciences I CourseCoordinator
2004 - 2005Disney International College ProgramDuty Visitor
2003 - 2005Information DayDepartmental Coordinator
2001 - 2005Towards MS Career Workshop CoordinatorCoordinator
2001 - 2004WebCT Officer-In-Charge (Sem A course: FB2200 & Sem B course: FB2201)Officer-In-Charge
8/2003CityU BBA Exploratory CampAssistant Camp Director
6/2003FB Business Leadership CampAssistant Camp Director
5/2003BBA MS Video CoordinatorCoordinator
2001 - 2003Supplemental Instruction Scheme – SI Supervisor (Sem A courses: FB2200, MS3103, MS3212; Sem B course: FB2201)Supervisor
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Consultancy Experience and Executive Training

2020CityU CB x Hong Kong Academy for Gifted EducationTrainer of Summer Course (Predicting the Results of Premier League Football Matches by Basic Probability Theory)
2020CityU CB x Hong Kong Academy for Gifted EducationTrainer of Summer Course (Spreadsheet Modeling for Business)
2019College of BusinessTrainer of Summer Course for Secondary School Students - Predicting the Results of Premier League Football Matches by Basic Probability Theory
2009PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited and Deloitte Touche TohmatsuTrainer of Fundamental Executive Training Course 2009 - Introductory Statistics

Professional Activities

PeriodClientCountry / RegionRole
2018 - NowMS Alumni AssociationChina (Hong Kong)Coordinator
2013 - 2017Gateway Education Review, City University of Hong KongChina (Hong Kong)Gateway Education Programme Committee
2012 - 2013Teaching Excellence Award Selection Panel, City University of Hong KongChina (Hong Kong)Selection Panel
2005 - 2007MS Alumni AssociationChina (Hong Kong)Coordinator
6/2005 - 12/2005MS Alumni AssociationChina (Hong Kong)Preparatory Committee

External Academic Activities

PeriodOrganizerCountry / RegionRole
20162016 International Conference on Business and EconomicsKorea, DPR ofPresentation: Forecasting the Blood Supply and Demand
201118th National Conference on Students in Transition, National Resource CenterUnited States of AmericaPresentation: Teaching Large Lecture Classes using Student Self-Designed Summary
20052004 International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering, Computers & Industrial EngineeringKorea, DPR ofPresentation: A Scenario-based Optimization Model for Aggregate Production Planning


Journal Publications and Reviews

Leung, Stephen C.H.; Tsang, Sally O.S.; Ng, W. L.; Wu, Yue / A robust optimization model for multi-site production planning problem in an uncertain environment. August 2007; In: European Journal of Operational Research. Vol. 181, No. 1, pp. 224-238