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Prof. WANG Weiquan


Associate Dean (Research and Faculty)

12-204, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34428493
+852 34420370

Research Areas

Social Media: technology-enabled diffusion of commercial information and UGC (user-generated contents)
Crowdsourcing Platforms: designs for ideation and user engagement
Mobile App Diffusion
Online Social Influence and Social Commerce
Online Information Privacy: self-disclosure of private information and disclosure of others’ private information
Online Product Recommendation Agents and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)


PhD - Management Information Systems
M. Mgmt. - Management Science & Engineering
B. Econ. - Enterprise Management
B. Eng. - Engineering Physics


Professor Weiquan WANG obtained his Ph.D. in management information systems from the Sauder School of Business, the University of British Columbia, and a Master’s degree in management science and engineering and double Bachelor’s degrees (one in engineering physics and the other in enterprise management) from Tsinghua University.

External Academic Activities

7/2020 - NowAIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction-Editorial Board
1/2017 - NowJournal of the Association for Information Systems-Editorial Board
1/2010 - NowJournal of Database Management-Editorial Board
12/2009 - NowElectronic Commerce Research and Applications-Area Editor
1/2012 - 12/2015MIS Quarterly-Associate Editor


Journal Publications and Reviews

Cao, Fang; Wang, Weiquan; Lim, Eric; Liu, Xinmei; Tan, Chee-Wee / Do Social Dominance-Based Faultlines Help or Hurt Team Performance in Crowdsourcing Tournaments?. December 2021; In: Journal of Management Information Systems.

DENG, Honglin; WANG, Weiquan; LIM, Kai H. / Repairing Integrity-Based Trust Violations in Ascription Disputes for Potential Customers in e-Commerce. December 2021; In: MIS Quarterly.

Liu, Tao; Wang, Weiquan; Xu, Jingjun (David); Ding, Donghong; Deng, Honglin / Interactive effects of advising strength and brand familiarity on users' trust and distrust in online recommendation agents. November 2021; In: Information Technology and People. Vol. 34, No. 7, pp. 1920-1947

Li, Ran; Lu, Yaobin; Ma, Jifeng; Wang, Weiquan / Examining gifting behavior on live streaming platforms: An identity-based motivation model. September 2021; In: Information and Management. Vol. 58, No. 6

DENG, Honglin; WANG, Weiquan; LI, Siyuan; LIM, Kai H. / Can Positive Online Social Cues Always Reduce User Avoidance of Sponsored Search Results?. 2021; In: MIS Quarterly.

Zhou, Liying; Wang, Weiquan; Xu, Jingjun(David); Liu, Tao; Gu, Jibao / Perceived information transparency in B2C e-commerce: An empirical investigation. November 2018; In: Information & Management. Vol. 55, No. 7, pp. 912-927

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Empirical Assessment of Alternative Designs for Enhancing Different Types of Trusting Beliefs in Online Recommendation Agents. July 2016; In: Journal of Management Information Systems. Vol. 33, No. 3, pp. 744-775

JIANG, ZHENHUI (JACK); WANG, WEIQUAN; TAN, BERNARD C.Y.; YU, JIE / The Determinants and Impacts of Aesthetics in Users’ First Interaction with Websites. June 2016; In: Journal of Management Information Systems. Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 229-259

Wang, Weiquan; Qiu, Lingyun; Kim, Dongmin; Benbasat, Izak / Effects of rational and social appeals of online recommendation agents on cognition- and affect-based trust. June 2016; In: Decision Support Systems. Vol. 86, pp. 48-60

Wang, Weiquan; Zhao, Yi; Qiu, Lingyun; Zhu, Yan / Effects of emoticons on the acceptance of negative feedback in computer-mediated communication. 2014; In: Journal of the Association of Information Systems. Vol. 15, No. 8, pp. 454-483

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / A Contingency approach to investigating the effects of user-system interaction modes of online decision aids. September 2013; In: Information Systems Research. Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 861-876

Zhu, Yan; Li, Yan; Wang, Weiquan; Chen, Jian / What leads to post-implementation success of ERP? An empirical study of the Chinese retail industry. June 2010; In: International Journal of Information Management. Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 265-276

Zhao, Yi; Wang, Weiquan; Zhu, Yan / Antecedents of the closeness of human-avatar relationships in a virtual world. April 2010; In: Journal of Database Management. Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 41-68

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Interactive decision aids for consumer decision making in E-commerce: The influence of perceived strategy restrictiveness. June 2009; In: MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems. Vol. 33, No. 2, pp. 293-320

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Attributions of trust in decision support technologies: A study of recommendation agents for e-commerce. March 2008; In: Journal of Management Information Systems. Vol. 24, No. 4, pp. 249-273

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Recommendation agents for electronic commerce: Effects of explanation facilities on trusting beliefs. March 2007; In: Journal of Management Information Systems. Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 217-246

Jiang, Zhenhui; Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Online consumer decision support. September 2005; In: Communications of the ACM. Vol. 48, No. 9, pp. 93-98

Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Trust in and Adoption of Online Recommendation Agents. March 2005; In: Journal of the Association of Information Systems. Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 72-101

Komiak, Sherrie; Wang, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / Comparing customer trust in virtual salespersons with customer trust in human salespersons. 2005; In: Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Conference Papers

FU, Mengyao; XIONG, Bingqing; Tan, Chee-Wee; Lim, Eric; Wang, Weiquan / The Power of Storytelling: Quantifying the Same-Side Effect of Daily Recommendations on Consumption Patterns in Mobile App Store . June 2019; The 13th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM 2019), 29/06/2019 - 30/06/2019, Shenzhen , China. pp. 430-435

Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

FU, Mengyao; XIONG, Bingqing; Lim, Eric; Tan, Chee Wee; WANG, Weiquan / Catching Audiences’ Attention through Narrative Sensory Cues on Digital Distribution Platforms. July 2021; PACIS 2021 Proceedings.

Fu, Mengyao; Xiong, Bingqing; Lim, Eric; Tan, Chee-Wee; Wang, Weiquan / How to Tell an Attractive Digital Story? The Revolution of Product Placement in the Mobile App Store. June 2020; PACIS 2020 Proceedings: Pacifc Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) .

XIONG, Bingqing; FU, Mengyao; WANG, Weiquan / How Story Works in Mobile App Stores? Exploring the Same-Side Effect from the Storytelling Perspective. December 2019; International Conference on Information Systems 2019 Proceedings.

Jiang, Na; Tan, Chee-Wee; Lim, Eric; Wang, Weiquan; Liu, Hefu / How Processing Fluency Influence Travelers’ Responses to Digital Storytelling in Online Tourism Communities. June 2019; PROCEEDINGS OF The 13th China Summer Workshop on Information Management . pp. 515-521

Cao, Fang; Wang, Weiquan; Tan, Chee-wee; Lim, Eric T.K.; Liu, Xinmei / Are Social Dominance-Based Faultlines Harmful in Crowdsourcing Tournaments?. August 2018; Academy of Management Proceedings.

Xiong, Bingqing; Jiang, Na; Fu, Mengyao; Yao, Jian; Tan, Chee-Wee; Lim, Eric; Wang, Weiquan; Gu, Jianfeng / Come Rain and Shine? Exploring the Effects of Mobile Weather Applications on Users’ Movements. June 2018; PACIS 2018 Proceedings.

Xiong, Bingqing; Tan, Chee-wee; Wang, Weiquan; Lim, Eric T.K.; Zhao, Zheng; Yu, Yugang / Resolving the Innovation Diffusion Paradox in Mobile App Stores:: A Brand Equity Perspective. December 2017; Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS.

Liu, Fei; Lim, Eric; Tan, Chee-Wee; Wang, Weiquan / Uncovering the Boundary-Spanning Role of Information Systems Research in Trans-Disciplinary Knowledge Advancement. December 2017; 38th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2017): Transforming Society with Digital Innovation. Vol. 6, pp. 4483-4502

Jiang, Na; Tan, Chee-Wee; Wang, Weiquan; Liu, Hefu; Gu, Jibao / Understanding Cooperative Learning in Context-Aware Recommender Systems: A User-System Interaction Perspective. December 2017; 38th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2017): Transforming Society with Digital Innovation. Vol. 6, pp. 4059-4069

Deng, Honglin; Wang, Weiquan; Lim, Kai / Reducing user avoidance of sponsored search results: The effects of social influence cues. December 2016; 2016 International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS 2016.

Qiu, Lingyun; Wang, Weiquan; Pang, Jun; Jiang, Zhenhui Jack / THE PERSUASIVE IMPACT OF EMOTICONS IN ONLINE WORD-OF-MOUTH COMMUNICATION. June 2016; Proceeding of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2016).

Li, Yan; Wang, Weiquan; Zhu, Yan; Chen, Jian / What accounts for organizations' different usage of B2B e-marketplaces?. June 2013; PACIS 2013 Proceedings.

WANG, Weiquan / Cognition- and Affect-based Trust in Technological Artifacts. 2013; Psychology of trust: new research. pp. 233-262

Qiu, Lingyun; Wang, Weiquan / The effects of message order and information chunking on eWOM persuasion. 2011; PACIS 2011 - 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems: Quality Research in Pacific.

Li, Yan; Wang, Weiquan; Zhu, Yan; Chen, Jian / A unified model of B2B E-marketplace adoption: Integrating the transactional and relational perspectives. 2009; 2008 IEEE Symposium on Advanced Management of Information for Globalized Enterprises, AMIGE 2008 - Proceedings. pp. 244-248

Zhu, Yan; Li, Yan; Wang, Weiquan; Chen, Jian / An investigation into post-implementation success of ERP: An empirical study of the Chinese retail industry. 2009; 15th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2009, AMCIS 2009. Vol. 8, pp. 5270-5280

Kim, Dongmin; WANG, Weiquan; Benbasat, Izak / The Effects of Portal Affiliations and Self-Proclaimed Assurance on Consumer Trust: Investigating Customers’ Purpose of Visit as a Moderator. December 2008; Proceedings of the Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction (SIGHCI 2008).

Zhao, Yi; Wang, Weiquan / Attributions of human-avatar relationship closeness in a virtual community. 2008; Emerging Technologies and Information Systems for the Knowledge Society: First World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2008, Proceedings. Vol. 5288 LNAI, pp. 61-69

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