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Attitude – foundation of success

Daniel Ying, alumni stories
Daniel Ying

“Always think like your Boss. Put yourself into his shoes, resolve his problems as if they were yours!”

Daniel Ying, Founder and Managing Director of Achievers International Ltd., was originally an international banker: he has counted Japan, Canada, Beijing and Hong Kong as home. Fifteen years ago, he said goodbye to the financial industry. He now focuses in leading corporate transformation by setting business strategies, constructing infrastructure of human capital reserve and enhancing business efficiency.  What brought about the change?

Graduating with a BA in Applied Economics, Daniel devoted himself to the banking industry, and took up management positions in leading international firms. He achieved rapid promotion in his twenties, and then immigrated into Canada to explore opportunities. And finally, he decided to settle down in Hong Kong – a wonderful place full of challenges and exposures.

By the time he returned, Daniel made a decision to equip himself as an all-round business professional by pursuing an MBA at City University of Hong Kong.

Sparing time to study was a tough call, but Daniel enjoyed taking up the challenge.  With hard work, he finally passed with distinction.  “I was touched when I was on the stage in my congregation!” he said.  “The learning from the CityU MBA is very practical and beneficial for life.”

Thinking Out of the Box

Daniel is proactive, inspiring, and has lots of creative ideas. You can feel it when talking with him. He is energetic, adventurous and brave.

Daniel joined the Bank of China Group right after his return to Hong Kong.  Throughout the years, he made constructive suggestions on Bank’s performance and business development.  Finally, he was invited to join the HR Reform Team, which structured the merging of 13 sister banks into one and coordinated the listing within 18 months.  The exposure to corporate transformation and global human capital reserve management led him in a new direction to be a “Company Doctor” in career.

New Chapter - Company Doctor

Passionately embracing new ideas, Daniel started to explore and actualize his dream by starting his own business in 2009.  “As a company doctor, we diagnose and investigate the root causes for corporates problems.  We provide them with tailor made treatments for emergency issues as well as long-term business needs.”

Locating the crux from a symptom is the biggest challenge.  Daniel believes that problems can only be tackled through comprehensive diagnosis and well-planned strategies.  With more than 20 years of experience servicing MNCs, listed companies and corporates, Daniel’s experience allows him to get to grips with challenging issues without fear. He is happy to talk about his stories, and has launched a book to share his first hand experiences in how to lead business transform.

Words of Advice

“Seize every single opportunity, enjoy and deliver the best quality of work in each task. Opportunities will come to you.”

His motto gives us inspiration to hold positive attitude in workplace, doesn’t it?

(May 2016)