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Tina Du, alumni stories
BBA Marketing'10
Tina Du

Tina Du, born and raised in Chongqing, China, completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at CityU in 2010. After graduating she worked as a Marketing Consultant at TopMarketing & Brand (Shenzhen TMB Management Group, Co.), a professional marketing management consulting company in China. This position was offered one year prior to her graduation.

She is currently the Marketing Manager at Gamatronic (China), the world’s top supplier of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

These two jobs were lined up for Tina, one after another. How did this happen?

It all started with an aspiration to be in Hong Kong. Her four years at CityU enriched her knowledge and broadened her views of the world.

At the start of Tina’s first year at CityU, she signed up for a one-week Singapore tour commencing in December and was part of the CityU “Olympic Marketing Sharing” team at the Nanyang Technological University. Tina and her classmates learned to use a broader and more objective point of view to rediscover China.

In the summer of year 1, she applied for a summer internship at a Japanese corporation via the Department of Marketing and received an offer. At the same time, she was also offered a marketing position at a golf marketing consulting company in China. Tina found herself in a dilemma. She turned to her Professor, Mr. Alex Tham of the Department of Marketing, for advice. He suggested that China offers greater opportunities in the future and the Golf Marketing position would provide a chance for her to build up her network in China.

This was where Tina met the director of the Golf Marketing Company. The director later switched jobs to TMB and referred Tina for internship in his new company the following summer. Immediately after this internship, Tina was offered a full-time position as a Marketing Consultant. The company waited one year for Tina to graduate from her undergraduate program.

After working at TMB for 2.5 years, Tina wanted to switch roles and learn about the client-side instead of the consultant-side. Because of her solid marketing experience, she found her current job shortly after her search began.


University Experience

During her four years studying in Hong Kong, Tina also went to Japan for a 10-day Study Tour, Canada for a one-term exchange where she published the “Milk Care” report analyzing the development strategies of China’s milk industry with two other CityU students, and Beijing for another summer internship.

Never had Tina thought the impact of her university experience would affect her so greatly. No one knows who you will meet along your path and who will become your guide in life. Every experience counts.

“Be local where you work, assimilate into the local culture; yet be unique in performance and creative thinking.”

– Tina Du

( Apr 2013 )