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My hike to passion

Graduates of 2012 from left to right: Tracy Pan Ruxi (AC), Irene Pei Xiaoying (EF), Cynthia Guo Yushan (EF), Echo Fu Yifan (EF), and Olivia Guo Haoyue (MKT).
BBA Quantitative Finance and Risk Management'12
Cynthia Guo

In the past, there were many moments in my life when I felt bored. Inspired by fascinating travel stories of others, I often have the impulse to escape from my work and my quarter. I believe that I can better understand myself through travel and exploring the world.

This mid-autumn festival, I went to the Dragon's Back for hiking with my friends. I discovered a different HK during this trip. I once thought that HK was a place only filled with high-rise buildings and fast-paced workers, but I was wrong. I never imagined that there were such beautiful sceneries located not far away from the busy streets.

Along the hiking trails, I saw the stunning views of Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam, and the South China Sea. I have been to many famous scenery locations around the world, but none of them gave the same peaceful feeling that I had when I stood on the Dragon’s Back, looking at the mountains across the sea.

My friends and I sat on the mountain top to share our life stories. The day went by quickly and I learned to appreciate life. The magnificent view is not miles away and friends are not unapproachable. Discover and treasure what you have around you. The beauty of life is not far away.

Work may be hard and tiring, but if we think back of the happy and sad moments, we will realize that these events have taught us life lessons. The experiences have transformed into a driving force that motivates us to move forward in life. How we view the world and how we live life depend on our attitudes.

The city seems different to me every day ever since the hiking trip. I no longer feel bored or depressed during the long transits to clients’ offices; instead, when I am on transit, I will discover things that I have never paid much attention to before. I reduced my Internet surfing time and spent more time with my friends to share our life slices. Whether it is the new holiday decorations placed outside my office or the classic Pancake Shop I spotted on the tram, they all inject me with energy and happiness.

(Written by Cynthia Guo (, revised by editor, Jan 2013)